Untalan's Martial Arts Center

2 Timothy 1:7 NLT For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline




Ken Ka Bo 

Benedetta Marsac, Assoc. Prof. Untalan, GM Ron Calpito, Prof.Mark Gapol

Sifu Brandon Untalan, Sibok's Vandahna , Jerome, Vanessa & Kelly McDonald 



Chris Henze, Canyon Riley, Ed Untalan, Lei Zhan, Jerome Enriquez



Thanks to a great seminar on a Saturday, 7/18/15.



Congratulations to our newly promoted Black Belts! 


Deven Tai  on 4/3/15 , Kausar Raniwala  on 4/6/15, Anica Librodo & Jerome Enriquez 4/14/15, Benedetta Petrera Marsac 5/1/15.


Union City, Ca.  22nd Annual Asian Arts Heritage Festival 2015 - Coming Soon - Sat, May 23, 2015


Hayward, Ca. 3rd Annual Asian American Arts Heritage Festival 2015, Sat, May 30, 2015



21st Annual Asian Arts Heritage Festival 2014

Special Thanks to the Awesome Demo Team! 

Elan - Sensei, Rob- Sensei, Vandhana - Sempai, Kausar, Chris, Skyler , Jerome, Kai, Linda & Wesly, Vanessa, Xavier & Gabriel Toscano,  Joey , Nina, Julianne & Mia, Xavier McKay, Devin & Darius Tai, Dja, Ryan, Kalista, Jaden 


Special Thanks to the Carbuccia Family for the YouTube Video! ( Nina's Dad )






Hayward Asian Arts Heritage Festival 2013

Special Thanks to the Awesome Demo Team!

Top Left to Right ( Ed Untalan, Sensei Rob, Sensei Aaron, Skyler, Heidi, Emily , Sensei Elan, Jonathan)

Second Top Row Left to Right ( Sensei Brandon, Vandhana, Xavier, Agnes, Anica, Kai)

Third Row Left to Right ( Keith, Isabella, Wesly, Gabriel , Tyler, Nina, AJ)

Bottom Fourth Row Left to Right ( Kalista, Tenaya-Faith, Sean, Annabelle, Joey)





Welcoming All Our New Students

Steve, Rachel, Megan, Jacob, and Caden Banke Family,

Tanya, Carlissa, Joseph and Benjamin Bass Family

 Amanda, Naomie Paz Family,

 Claudia Munoz, Joel Miranda, Ivania, Isabella & Sean Edens

Colin Leung, Kai Chan, Dave Buscheck, Jennifer Caucutt



We all had a Great Time at the Martial Arts Collective Society Sacramento Gathering 2010!






Newest Members